US GOP Rep. Predicts Biden Impeachment

Rep. Andy Biggs, a Republican lawmaker from Arizona, expects that the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into FBI informants’ claims of an international bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden will lead to his impeachment. The committee intends to explore President Biden’s alleged misconduct in accepting bribes.

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The Wall Street Journal reported that Mr. Biggs stated in an interview with Fox News that President Biden must be impeached and indicted for massive criminal misconduct if the evidence collected in the investigation proves consistent with suspicions. Moreover, the Republican lawmaker expressed his hope that the Senate Democrats will recognize the gravity of the situation and encourage Biden to resign, as Goldwater once did to Nixon. If the Senate Democrats refuse, Biggs argues, “then we have to take action.”

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Biggs explains that there is substantial evidence that is voluminous, and his team is currently sifting through and analyzing it. Mr. Biggs believes that if the committee can produce evidence that supports their claim and direction, Biden should be impeached.

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However, the Democrats remain that the allegations must be backed up with substantial evidence before pursuing impeachment.