Former Governor Predicts Trump’s Return to the White House

Former GOP Representative from New York, Lee Zeldin, tweeted that he believes former U.S. President Donald Trump will become the nation’s 47th President following his indictment on Thursday. Trump announced on his new platform, Truth Social, that he has been indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith as a result of an investigation into his handling of classified White House documents. The former President claimed that the indictment is part of a larger effort by the “corrupt Biden Administration” to take him down.

Meanwhile, earlier in the week, Jim Jordan, Judiciary Committee Chairman (R-OH), requested information from the Department of Justice regarding the scope of Smith’s investigation into Biden’s classified documents probe as well as the full scope of Smith’s investigation into Trump.

Mike Pence, Taking Back The Country

Taylor Budowich, a former spokesman for Trump, testified in front of a grand jury as part of the documents probe and called it a “bogus and deeply troubling” investigation. He was quoted saying,

“America has become a sick and broken nation – a decline led by Joe Biden and power-hungry Democrats.”

Despite the charges against him, analysts are predicting that the indictment will likely galvanize more support for Trump’s presidential campaign in 2024. Zeldin’s tweet echoed this sentiment, stating that ironically, efforts to take down a political opponent have only increased the odds that he will be re-elected, paving the way for his return to the White House.

US GOP Rep. Predicts Biden Impeachment

The former President has been ordered to appear at a federal courthouse in Miami on Tuesday for the start of his federal criminal proceedings. With the political landscape becoming more divisive and polarised, the nation’s eyes are on both the developments surrounding the Trump indictment and the 2024 presidential race that is already gaining momentum.