Chris Christie Announces Presidential Bid

Former Governor, Chris Christie, is in.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie has announced his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in, surprise, New Hampshire at a town hall Tuesday. Christie promises a campaign with a singular focus: to take the fight to Donald Trump, the former president who is the clear frontrunner to face Joe Biden again at the polls. The pugilistic politician joins the primary as a rank outsider, but his claims to fame include leaving office in New Jersey amid a scandal about political payback involving traffic on the George Washington Bridge to New York, then leaving the Florida senator Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign in pieces after a debate-stage clash for the ages.

Christie filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday afternoon and announced his presidential run hours later in a town hall hosted at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester.

In his speech, Christie said, “I can’t guarantee you success in what I’m about to do. But I guarantee you that at the end of it you will have no doubt in your mind, who I am and what I stand for and whether I deserve it.”

While Trump’s dominance of Republican polling – in which he leads his closest challenger, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by wide margins – has made others in the field slow to turn their fire Trump’s way, Christie has insisted that he is “not a paid assassin.

The 60-year-old is certainly a fierce and experienced combatant, stating, “The reason I’m going after Trump is twofold. One, he deserves it. And two, it’s the way to win.”

Declared but low-polling candidates include the former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, the South Carolina senator Tim Scott, former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson, and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy.

Despite his credentials and sharp attack, the former New Jersey governor and ABC News political analyst has made mistakes in the past but insists that he is serious about running for the Republican nomination. Christie’s strategy is to sustain enhanced speed and performance by incorporating strength training, not guaranteeing success, but vowing to leave no doubt in voters’ minds.