Mike Pence Files for 2024 Presidential Election

Former Vice President Mike Pence officially filed for candidacy for the GOP nomination in the upcoming 2024 presidential election on Monday. While he served as Vice President under Donald Trump, it’s rumored that he will be taking a more traditionally conservative stance compared to the current front-runner, while also attempting to distinguish himself from his former boss.

Pence, who turned 64 on Wednesday, is known for his years serving in the US House and one term as governor of Indiana before becoming Trump’s running mate in his winning 2016 presidential campaign. While his poll numbers are not currently leading the pack, they are holding steady in the low-to-mid single digits.

However, he faces a number of hurdles, including the fact that his campaign is launching later than that of many of his rivals, and it’s unclear if his campaign will be able to generate enough cash to be competitive with some of his better-funded opponents. Additionally, Pence will need to walk a fine line between touting his achievements in the Trump-Pence administration, while also setting himself apart from his former boss.

Despite these challenges, Pence is expected to bring a more traditionally conservative voice to the primary field, which has been dominated by the populist preachings of Trump and Ron DeSantis. In recent months, Pence has notably called for changes to Social Security and Medicare, putting him at odds with other GOP politicians.

In order to succeed, Pence will need to win the support of a party that remains largely loyal to Trump. He will have to prove himself as a strong leader while also working to earn the trust of the GOP base. Regardless, his entry into the race is sure to shake things up and will add a new contender to the primary field.

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Doris Lauter
Doris Lauter
3 months ago

Why do all these governors think they can run the whole country and also be savvy about world porblems.?