Former President Trump Criticizes Debt Ceiling Deal Passed by House Amidst Republican Criticism

Former President Trump criticized the debt ceiling deal passed by the House amidst Republican criticism. In a speech given in Des Moines, Iowa, Trump revealed his belief that Republicans should have gone through more pain to get the deal done. This is the second time that Trump has traveled to Iowa this month after canceling his outdoor rally due to bad weather. Trump has yet to make a comment on the deal announced last week by President Biden and Speaker Kevin McCarthy. However, his opponents in the 2024 GOP primary pool expressed their opposition to the deal, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who claimed that the country would still be careening towards bankruptcy if the deal was passed. Some of Trump’s other presidential hopefuls also criticized the deal.

While Trump did not make a direct reference to the debt limit, his remarks suggest that Republicans should have taken a tougher approach to getting a deal done. This sentiment echoes that of other significant Republican voices, such as those of former Vice President Mike Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They have publicly expressed their strong opposition to the deal, stating that it could still result in the country’s downfall if it passes. Conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy also criticized the deal.

Despite Republican opposition, the debt ceiling deal passed with the help of Democrats. The agreement will increase the debt limit until December 2022, after which the Treasury Department will have the authority to use “extraordinary measures” to prevent the government from defaulting on its financial obligations. This agreement marks a significant step towards preventing a financial crisis.

The recent deal could also have significant implications for the 2024 presidential race. Trump has not yet announced whether he plans to run, but he is still considered a frontrunner for the Republican nomination. His criticism of the debt limit deal, combined with the opposition from other contenders for the nomination, suggests that this issue will remain at the forefront of conservative politics in the coming years.

In conclusion, former President Trump has criticized the debt ceiling deal passed by the House amidst Republican criticism. Trump believes that Republicans should have gone through more pain to get the deal done, consistent with the sentiments of other Republicans. Although the deal passed with the help of Democrats, it remains a significant political issue, particularly for GOP contenders in the 2024 Presidential race.

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6 months ago

How do you comment in sch a poorly written, inaccurate pile of crap.

Roy Bradford
6 months ago

I see our government winding down
We will have to eventually grab the best of whats still around..
I really hope things change from the way they are now, it seems the devil is winning on every front..
Soros money is at the root of every moral thing america stands for…
And is defeating us…
How did he get his money?
Capitalism…. and yet he wants to deify it, isn’t that calling the ketel black?
I dont understand the thinking libs now…are they really thinking for themselfs… or just going along with the other sheep in t he pasture cause they dont have any conscience of what is happening to thier future..
What do they want?