Unexpected Twists in 2024 Race: Former Allies Turned Rivals for Trump

Two former Donald Trump allies are expected to launch their bids against the former President next week. Former Vice President Mike Pence and Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are rumored to be getting ready to hop into a now crowded field. Will this change Trump’s strategies for 2024?

Chris Christie plans to announce his 2024 bid to the White House on Tuesday in New Hampshire. In a scoop first reported by Axios, it was revealed that Christie would announce on June 6. This news comes just one day after a Christie super PAC was formed. The announcement will be held in New Hampshire at Saint Anselm College.

Just a day after it is rumored Christie will announce the former Vice President is expected to announce his own campaign. According to Axios, Pence is rumored to announce his run for the Oval Office on Wednesday, June 7.

As the 2024 race continues to unfold, the entry of these two prominent figures raises questions about the potential challenges awaiting former President Trump. With a growing field of candidates, there remains uncertainty surrounding the impact of vote-splitting dynamics. Will the competition among the vast number of candidates gradually diminish as the election approaches? Only time will tell. In the meantime, anticipation builds for what promises to be an engaging season of debates, where the candidates will showcase their platforms and engage in spirited discussions on the future of the nation.

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4 months ago

No it won;t, cause they’re both big jerks!!