Revealed: DeSantis’ Long Awaited Campaign Launch

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign launch has been revealed and shows that he will officially file to run for president on Wednesday. DeSantis entering the race will send shockwaves across the political world and he plans to capitalize on that energy by hosting a high dollar 24 hour fundraising event at the Four Seasons Resort in Miami on Wednesday and Thursday. His official kickoff event will then be days later at a local baseball field in his hometown of Dunedin, Florida. DeSantis also changed his Twitter handle from RonDeSantisFL to simply RonDeSantis which supports the theory he is on the verge of announcing.

According to CBS:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to formally announce in a “virtual” way on May 24 that he is running for president, as donors and fundraisers gather in Miami to make calls and fundraise for his campaign, according to three sources familiar with the planning.

He plans to file papers with the Federal Election Commission to officially establish his presidential candidacy. The Miami gathering, which includes some of the governor’s most generous longtime donors, are expected to receive briefings on campaign strategy and requests to help raise significant sums of cash for his bid, three people familiar with the plans said.

A more formal kickoff event is expected to be held closer to June 1, according to those familiar with his plans. It is likely to occur in DeSantis’s hometown of Dunedin, Fla., sources familiar with the plans said.

A senior official with DeSantis’ political operation said the staffers have been fielding “unprecedented interest and support for his candidacy,” and claimed they could potentially have the “biggest bundler operation in Republican presidential primary history.” A bundler is a fundraiser who solicits donations on behalf of a campaign.

The response to the Florida governor’s launch will be telling to how strong of a force he will be in the coming primary. If he makes major noise and receives endorsements from big names then expect DeSantis to be a serious contender in 2024.