Bid Watch: Senator Scott Gives His Official 2024 Abortion Stance

Senator Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, is opening up about his presidential pro-life plans. The South Carolina Senator recently announced he would be opening an exploratory team for the 2024 presidential election taking him one step closer to a formal announcement. Now, Scott has pledged the “most conservative pro-life legislation” if elected.

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In the midst of Florida’s 6-week abortion ban, Friday Scott was asked about his stance on the ban and future bans to come. Scott finally gave his official stance on the matter. He said, “If [he] were president of the United States [he] would literally sign the most conservative pro-life legislation that they can get through Congress.” Though he would not say what week he feels is a necessary cut-off.

This comes in the wake of DeSantis signing a 6-week ban in the state Thursday. DeSantis, like Scott, has yet to formally announce a 2024 run though he is a potential GOP presidential candidate. Which doesn’t look to be in Scott’s favor when it comes to abortion. In 2024 Scott, or any other candidate, will have to have a clear abortion agenda. Scott may have some catching up to do to be able to compete with DeSantis on this matter.

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Scott echoed the idea that he would do anything to stop Democrats Friday when he sat down with NBC News. Stating that their agenda is to allow abortion up until the day of birth and we shouldn’t let that happen. Scott also stated in this interview, amidst the controversy over dangerous Mifepristone that the Supreme Court needs to make a decision. Implying he will allow the Court to dictate his stance on the matter.

What do you think about Scott? Or about a Scott 2024 bid?