Is Former U.S. Representative Mike Rodgers Signaling A 2024 Bid?

Former Republican Representative Mike Rodgers of Michigan sounded alarms Monday as he requested an exclusive interview with Fox Digital News. In the interview, he hinted at the potential of a 2024 run for the White House. Though he acknowledged he would have to get over the initial money hump to succeed.

Who is Mike Rodgers?
Rodgers is a former FBI agent who later, after retiring from the FBI, served for 14 years in Congress where he made it to the limelight as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee. He then went on to retire from Congress and launch the group “Lead America” with his wife. Which they launched to help try to remedy the growing discouragement with politics and find solutions to national problems.

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His claims about 2024:
Rodgers claimed that his latest mission is to come up with real solutions to get the country back on track. He said that “sometimes ideas and solutions are bigger than shallow name ID,” even though he acknowledged he would need something to get him over the initial money hump to be a top contender – if he did decide to run.

Rodgers has traveled to Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada (also known as the first four primary voting states) to test his message on responsive crowds. He has shared messages of pushing for greater opportunities in innovation, supporting families, emphasizing civic education, and you could probably guess it – refreshing the party.

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Rodgers told Fox,

“If you want to change the narrative, and that’s what Lead America is set out to do, you have to go out to early primary states. And what we found is people have been very encouraging.”

“What we have to do is decide are people are ready for hopeful, optimist, solutions-oriented candidate.”

Rodgers downfall:
If Rodgers runs he will be up against some pretty big names, a former president, and potentially multiple GOP heavyweights – with DeSantis still on the sidelines. Contrary to what he has claimed he will have to become a household name and resonate with voters. He will also have to raise money to beat other GOP figures out for the White House. He doesn’t seem to be worried about beating out other candidates in the name ID or money categories, so it’s hard to say Rodgers is really serious about a bid. But who knows what could happen in the coming months.