Nikki Haley: CPAC 2023 – “Don Lemon, Hold My Beer”

At CPAC 2023, Nikki Haley took the stage on day 2. During her 15 minutes on the stage, Haley took the opportunity to promote her 2024 bid for the Oval Office. She started off by addressing the leftist liberal media and Don Lemon. While the media has bashed Haley since her announcement, we know precisely why. Haley is the daughter of immigrants, she is a woman, and she is a minority. Things that the left tells us should make her liberal – but instead, they make her a defender of the American Dream.

Haley took the speech to discuss that dream. The American dream that many come to our great country to achieve, and now with Joe Biden, we are on the verge of losing it.

One of the biggest controversies Haley brought with her White House announcement was the mental competency test. The need for verification that our nation’s leaders are competent enough to take the lead in our country. To make America what it is, and with the leaders we have, it’s easy to see what has happened without holding our leaders accountable.

Of course, Haley mentioned Don Lemon’s comments. She mentioned the sexism of the left and the way they cover it up. The age men want women to be, to be “viable” options. But are old men viable? Should it matter that a woman, at Haley’s age of 51, is “past her prime” because she’s younger than Biden, of course, Hunter Biden, and even Don Lemon. So who gets to decide if someone is past their prime? Should it be the left? Absolutely not and we can’t let that happen as Americans.

We are in the thick of a long fight to fight for the American Dream, for our kids, for our futures, and for the future of our country. Without a fight we leave the country in the hands of the likes of the Bidens, Don Lemon, and the leftist media. Is that what you want?

If Haley is a viable candidate, it is yet to be seen. Poll numbers still show Donald Trump as the leader in the 2024 election though fighting for our country and keeping those who can’t even say a cohesive sentence…erm Joe Biden… from running our country and the message Haley left the CPAC floor Friday can be used no matter what. We have a country to fight for and we have no time left to put it off.