Poll Watch: Trump Maintains Commanding Lead Going Into 2024

The latest Fox News poll shows that former President Trump remains the clear favorite among Republican primary voters for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Trump maintains a commanding lead at 43%, with the closest competitor being Ron DeSantis at 28%. It appears that the rest of the potential Republican candidates will have a hard time competing with Trump. Trump’s base is strong and with the majority of Republican voters being in favor of Trump, it looks like he will be the clear choice for the party’s nomination in 2024.

Nikki Haley and former Vice President Mike Pense are both currently polling around 7%. If Trump were to falter, DeSantis would be the favorite to take the nomination, as he is the fallback option for many of Trump’s supporters.

Fox News poll indicates which 2024 Republican nominee was preferred among Republican primary voters. 

Fox News poll indicates which 2024 Republican nominee was preferred among Republican primary voters.  (Fox News Polls)

The 2024 Republican primary election is still over a year away, but the Fox News poll makes it clear that former President Trump currently has a commanding lead over the competition. His approval rating among Republican voters remains high, and he looks poised to remain at the top of the polls. With his base loyal and in support, Trump will be difficult to dethrone and Ron DeSantis would be the favorite if he were to falter. Much can change over a year from now, but for now, it appears that Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the nomination come 2024.

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Gerald Ladd
6 months ago

People want an America loving leader back in the WH.

Prophet Zephaniah Magnus Trump
Prophet Zephaniah Magnus Trump
6 months ago

From The Ministry of Zephaniah -The Melanian & Trump Royal Family Zion Temple
The Hon. Donald Trump Politics remains Great and Meet the Favor of God at this Dispensation.
His Biblical Politics Brings about major changes and opens new Era of Politics called the Biblical Politics.
His Ability to Allow God to Rule on the Political throne made Him the Best President America and the Republican party ever produce.
His Space reforms policy Allowed God and His Biblical Ministry leading to new evolution of planetary theorem leading to the discovery of Huge Magnetic field of forces with light which charges it to made the earth and other bodies constantly moving in its orbits.
this magnetic filed called the Trump MAGNETIC FILED OF FORCES .
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thus the earth not controlled by Gravitational force as preludes by Isaac Newton. Thus Newton law of motion therefore are inconsistent,inaccurate and full of many flaws in accordance to the new planetary theorem of magnetic field of forces that evolved from the ministry and its prophet and thy father the Hon. Donald Trump , the Family and the Republican party when He allowed God and His Prophet to take control the Administration .
The Hon. Donald Trump and His Family and the republican party has more to offer to America, the world and the Biblical Gospel .He returns for God to save the Land .The Iran and its Aggression on Israel and America and the Gospel of Jesus Christ must bow their heads Down in Shame .
God Bless America
God bless Hon. Donald Trump and Melanian Trum ( thy FATHER and Mother)
God Bless Republican Party
God bless the Family
God Bless Ivanka Trump and Tifanny Trump
God Bless Israel
God Bless the Biblical Gospel
Prophet Zephaniah Magnus Trump

6 months ago

Great……and De Santis should consider the VP position so he could be next in line where he could learn who the trash pieces are in our government in both parties, i.e., all Demonrats and the RINOs like McConnell, et. al.