Mike Pence stands up to FBI to defend Pro-Life Christians

Former Vice President Mike Pence is demanding answers from the FBI. The former VP and potential 2024 presidential hopeful is demanding answers from the FBI after their memo about pro-life Christians surfaced. Pence’s policy advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom, has ordered the Justice Department and the FBI to release any “Christian belief” documents to them. They have also demanded any communications on the matter be given to them as well, this includes outreach, public education, and listening sessions.

What is this FBI Memo?
The memo, which was leaked, discusses the FBI urging agents to develop “sources with access, including in places of worship, to probe an alleged relationship between racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists and radical-traditional Catholic ideology.” Though it also was set to target pro-life organizations and the attacks against them after the May 2nd leak of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin published the memo to UncoverDC.com on February 8th. Since then the FBI has said they have rescinded the memo.

Pro-Life Group Says FBI Infiltrated And Secretly Recorded Their Meeting

Who is the memo attacking?
The memo was set to directly attack Catholics. However, General Counsel at Advancing American Freedom J. Marc Wheat said that “this leaked document targeting traditional Catholics is disturbing to all people of faith … the First Amendment guarantees free exercise of religion, without surveillance or fear of being labeled as extremists by the federal government.”

Recent Hints Of Mike Pence’s 2024 Presidential Bid

Mike Pence’s role in this:
The former Vice President’s policy advocacy group stepped in because as the organization’s general counsel said, this is a First Amendment issue. The government stepping in to monitor places of worship and making inferences that Catholic ideology is extreme is unacceptable. Making pro-life ideologies out to be violent or extreme is not right and not in America’s best interest.

The policy group is called Advancing American Freedom and they are doing exactly what its name says in this situation.

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fay butler
fay butler
9 months ago

Thanks, Mike Pence.