Petition To Draft DeSantis Into 2024 Presidential Race Reaches 200,000

A petition to draft Ron DeSantis to run for president in 2024 has reached 200,000 supporters according to the group “Ready For Ron.” The group says it has “experienced consistent support in its petition drive from voters eager to have the conservative governor and social warrior in the presidential race.” “Americans are ready for Ron DeSantis,” said Ed Rollins, the group’s political strategist. “If he continues to govern as a bold conservative and enact pro-freedom policies, he will be poised to run for the Republican nomination and become the man to beat Joe Biden in 2024.”

Supporters of the Florida governor expect him to announce his intention to run for president as soon as May and is seen as Donald Trump’s biggest rival.  The two dominate the 2024 GOP primary polling and have the lead has switched back and forth between them.

Ready for Ron’s counsel and veteran political lawyer Dan Backer says:

“Millions of Americans want Ron DeSantis to run. Nearly a quarter-million people have already publicly engaged with and joined the effort. Signing the petition is the ultimate act of political free speech and association, and there is simply no basis for the FEC to stand in the way of Americans telling someone they want him to run for office, or that they continue to support him doing so. We’re going to fight to protect our right to Free Speech and Free Association to draft DeSantis to seek the presidency, and we’re going to win.”

Ready for Ron has no ties to DeSantis but has come under the ire of the Federal Election Commission, who will not let the group share their 200,000 contacts with DeSantis if he announces. The two sides expect to face off at a commission hearing later this month.

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Cynthia vinsom
Cynthia vinsom
11 months ago


11 months ago

Trump needs to pick DeSantis as vice pres. . It is a no brainer that the two will win and after the election of 2024 DeSantis could run for Pres. have another two terms as Pres. and he could get some experience under his belt. that would give the republicans 12 years in the white house as Pres. DeSantis needs to learn from Trump or the swamp will eat DeSantis for lunch