Could Tim Scott’s Massive War Chest Give Him The Push He Needs In 2024?

Tim Scott, the Senator from South Carolina, who has been said to be preparing for a 2024 White House bid has taken the next step. As Scott hired former Republican Senator Cory Gardner and political operative Rob Collins to lead his super PAC, Opportunity Matters Fund Action, more speculation builds surrounding his 2024 run. Since the PAC started in September, it has already raised $17 million. If Scott does end up running, his massive war chest could give him a boast over the competition.

Could This Signal A Tim Scott 2024 Presidential Run?

According to Fox,

Since [Nikki] Haley appointed him to the Senate in 2013, he has grown into a fundraising powerhouse. Scott faced a special election in 2014 and garnered just under $7 million in contributions that cycle. But during his 2022 election, that number skyrocketed to just over $43 million in donations, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Scott’s campaign finished the last cycle with nearly $22 million in the bank, which has likely only grown since late December. His campaign could transfer that money into a presidential committee if he chooses to run.

Scott’s campaign cash is also more than the $3 million Donald Trump’s committee had in its coffers at the end of the year, which has struggled to raise money since he announced his 2024 candidacy, while his joint fundraising committee reported just under $4 million cash on hand. Trump, however, kicked off his run around the midterm elections, where donor fatigue had likely set in.

Some big-money donors have announced they’ll distance themselves from Trump after fueling super PACs backing him. But other deep-pocketed contributors will most likely boost those entities, while his base will help turn around his campaign’s fortunes. However, it’s unlikely he’ll raise the eye-popping figures he once did if others like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis enter the contest.

BREAKING: Tim Scott Preparing To Run For President

As more candidates make their intentions clear the field and fundraising will get harder. Though there is potential that Scott’s fundraising abilities could help him if and when he officially runs for the office.