Opening The Flood Gates – Getting The 2024 GOP Primaries Started

While former President Donald Trump is the only official name in the 2024 GOP presidential nomination race, that could all change in the next few days. As former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is set to announce her bid on February 15th, only a couple of days away now. With many left theorizing she will be the candidate to inspire a frenzy of announcements.

Official: Nikki Haley To Officially Announce 2024 Presidential Run

According to Fox News,

On the day Haley’s expected to launch her campaign, former Vice President Mike Pence will be in Iowa, the state whose caucuses kick off the Republican presidential nominating calendar. Pence, who’s made numerous stops the past two years in Iowa as well as the other early voting states of New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, is likely to launch a presidential campaign in the coming months.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who pundits view as a potential presidential contender, heads to Iowa the following week as part of a listening tour that was first reported recently by Fox News.

While Trump remains the most popular and influential politician in the GOP and arguably the party’s top fundraiser when it comes to energizing the grassroots, the first three months of his latest White House bid have been anything but spectacular.

GOP Plans To Plot Against Trump In 2024

We will have to wait and see what happens in the coming days and maybe into next week. But for now, the only official 2024 GOP candidate officially running is former President Trump.

5 Questions Nikki Haley Should Take Into Account As She Announces Her Bid

It is also said that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis could run, and would be a popular candidate, though the party is split on a crowded GOP race as some want to keep Trump from taking the party’s nomination and others want Trump back in the oval office. It is hard to tell what will happen, and until more do come out and officially announce we have a waiting game on our hands.

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Gerald Ladd
3 months ago

A fool and their money are soon parted.