The External Campaign For A DeSantis 2024 Bid Grows

According to recent reports, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has begun to build the foundations to explore a potential presidential run. Numerous committees and organizations are now coming together to urge DeSantis to run, one of the biggest being draft committee Ready for Ron. Gabriel Llanes, the committee’s executive director, told ABC News that the group is ready to deploy grassroot campaigns this year in many states in order to boost DeSantis’ national profile. Ready for Ron also plans to spend millions through television, phone, mail and digital promotion in the coming months.

Dan Backer, counsel at Ready for Ron, told ABC News that DeSantis provides Republicans with the best chance of winning in 2024. “It is clear to us I think, and more and more people, that Ron DeSantis has the best chance to beat Joe Biden [in 2024] and turn this country around,” Backer said. The possibility of of DeSantis’ presidential run has caused many Republicans in Trump circles to switch their support over to the Florida Governor, agreeing with Backer that he can help the party regain power throughout the country.

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Ed Rollins, former chairman of the Great American PAC, which supported Trump’s candidacy, left his position to be the chief political strategist at Ready for Ron. Rollins says that he believes believes DeSantis is the “complete package” and can win the White House. Many Republicans are now starting to come to the conclusion that their Party won’t win a major election cycle if Trump is on the top of the ballot. Since the 2018 elections, the GOP has faced tough losses in 2020 and 2022.


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Doris Lauter
Doris Lauter
1 year ago

Biden cna beat anyone they put up there. He has a perfect cheating machine. When Anderson Cooper was tallying the votes, Biden would get 500 votes addes, and at the same moment, Trumps totals would go DOWN 500 points. Cana’t beat that.

Gerald Ladd
1 year ago

Ron should stay where he is. There’s a big difference between running one state, as to 50 states.