Could The Media Be Wrong About Donald Trump – Again?

Could the media be wrong about Donald Trump – again? Mainstream, liberal media, is once again convinced that Trump has never been weaker than he is now. After a less than ideal misterm season, with his handpicked candidates doing less than ideal, and the potential of crime charges many media outlets feel he is ripe for a primary defeat.

According to Fox,

The notion that Trump will be criminally charged is the hardest to predict, since such deliberations remain secret. But after Russiagate, the first impeachment, the second impeachment, the Trump Org probe and so on, those who crave seeing him in an orange jumpsuit have repeatedly been disappointed. And if Trump is hit with charges, there is little question that MAGA nation would rally behind him and he’d be able to cast himself as a martyr.

As for the primaries, Emerson College Polling shows that the former president remains the front-runner. He leads with 55 percent, trailed by Ron DeSantis with 29 percent, Mike Pence with 6 percent and Nikki Haley with 3 percent. Other recent polls have found similar results.

Now it’s possible, of course, that DeSantis will win by convincing enough Republicans that he offers Trump’s policies without the personal baggage. Or he may turn out to be a stiff and unlikable candidate. Another contender, like Haley or Mike Pompeo, could break out.

But no one is rushing to get in for the next few months. Politico reports that advisers for three potential candidates have discussed the advantages of jumping in at the same time, in recognition of the fact that Trump on the attack “can be lethal.” One GOP insider is quoted as saying a group launch “provides them protection from Trump.”

While there may be a dip in Trump’s interest among the masses currently, it shouldn’t be taken as a sign that Trump is finished. He is still leading Biden and DeSantis in polls, and without any true competitors for 2024 right now, there isn’t much to talk about besides how much Americans miss America. In a couple of months when more GOP candidates and potential Democrat rivals surface for the 2024 elections we predict Trump’s popularity and interest will pick up and the media may just be shocked.

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Purple Olive
Purple Olive
1 year ago

I can hardly wait for Donald Trump to once again become President of the U.S. We need him more than ever…BECAUSE he is the only one who can do whatever it takes to straighten out the mess created by Dementia Joe! Of course, Brandon is working very hard to bring :America to its knees with a recession so the Democrats can claim that it was Trump’s fault. The Demos have been so jealous of all the good that Trump did for America…all the while that he was attacked by the Democrats in our gov’t who did everything possible to turn Americans against him, and enhanced by the liberal media. Of course, the many thinking people who saw what was going on, recognized their lies and ugliness. The Democrats in our gov’t have been scared to death of President Trump!!!!!!!!! Go President Trump!!!

Hal Lemoyne
Hal Lemoyne
1 year ago

🥰CHRISTrump and all our US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022-2036 Reelected Landslide
Amen & Amen🥰