Biden-Pence Classified Document Scandals Could Be “Gift For Trump”

Political strategists have decided that Trump is emerging from the classified document scandal as the winner. After Biden and Pence both admitted to having classified documents could dilute the public attention on the subject and grant Trump more understanding in the public eye. GOP strategist Ford O’Connell, told AXIOS, “in terms of political perception this is a gift for Trump 1,000%.” A separate GOP consultant and strategist, Ken Spain, stated “this neutralizes the issue, both within the Republican primary and in the event Trump emerges as the nominee for the 2024 general election.”

According to AXIOS,

The series of document discoveries may also normalize the issue for Republican voters who supported Trump, but had doubts after the midterm elections. “To the extent voters sympathetic to Trump were looking elsewhere because of the multitude of recent political vulnerabilities that have come up post-midterm election, I think it gives them pause,” Spain said.
There are key differences in the three cases, including the number of classified documents and the leaders’ actions after the documents were discovered — distinctions that could carry significance for potential legal ramifications.

Despite their differences, Republicans may draw equivalency between the investigations into the public officials’ handling of the documents, O’Connell said.

“What the Republicans, and particularly the Republican base, is very concerned about is what they call a double standard,” he noted.

“The idea that Mar-a-Lago’s raided … [compared to] the way that Joe Biden is being treated, to them that is very frustrating,” O’Connell added.

Trump, even before documents were discovered at Pence’s home in Indiana, slammed what he said is a “two-tiered justice system,” where Biden was getting the “white glove treatment.”

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francine martin
francine martin
8 months ago

it’s all coming out and it is great for no one other than Donald Trump!