Nikki Haley – “Close On Making A Decision” For 2024

Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina and United States Ambassador to the United Nations, is rumored to be considering a run for president in the 2024 election. With her experience in both state and national politics, as well as her reputation as a pragmatic and level-headed leader, she is seen as a strong contender within the Republican Party. If she were to enter the race, she would likely bring a unique perspective to the campaign, having served as both a governor and a member of the president’s cabinet. It remains to be seen if she will officially announce her candidacy, but her name is already being mentioned as a possible nominee by political analysts and insiders.

According to Fox News:

Former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley said she’s close on making a decision to run for president in 2024.

“Well, when you’re looking at a run for president, you look at two things. You first look at, ‘does the current situation push for new?’ The second question is, ‘am I that person that could be that new leader?’ You know, on the first question, you can look all across the board, domestic, foreign policy. You can look at, you know, inflation going up, economy shrinking, government getting bigger, you know, small business owners not being able to pay their rent. Big businesses getting these bailouts, all of these things warrant the fact that, yes, we need to go in a new direction,” Haley said.

“So do I think I could be that leader? Yes, But we are still working through things and we’ll figure it out. I’ve never lost a race. I said that then I still say that now. I’m not going to lose now,” she added.

The former Governor also addressed her previous comments about not running if former President Trump planned to. She said that things change, the state of the country has changed and it might be time to refresh D.C. and who better to do so than her.  So just as she recommended, we will stay tuned and see what happens in the coming months.

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8 months ago

Nikki Haley is not a Natural Born Citizen her parents were not citizens before her birth! I would support her for anything but not VP or President!

8 months ago

save your money, you anti-Southern female dog. go back to India