Is Trump As Unstoppable As This Poll Claims?

According to 19fortyfive, a new poll shows that Donald Trump is still leading the GOP heading into the 2024 GOP primary season. Though without any official competitors, as of now, this still leaves the ground shaky. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to launch his own campaign after the Florida legislative season ends in May. This leaves many ready to watch polls and see just how popular Trump remains in the coming months.

According to 19fortyfive,

We can only speculate on how things will shake out for Republican Party.

According to Morning Consult, “[J]ust over a year out from the Republican Party’s first presidential nominating contest, Trump remains the front-runner in a hypothetical crowded field, backed by 48% of potential Republican primary voters.

Morning Consult also had a little more data to share as well: “Trump’s Favorability Rating Is Improving: After several weeks of trailing DeSantis’ popularity level among the prospective 2024 primary electorate, Trump is closing the gap.

The latest survey found 77% of potential primary voters hold favorable views of the former president, higher than any other potential candidate in the mix.

However, this may not mean much as the primaries are still a good way away. For now it seems, according to a former Trump White House Staffer, “Polls like this are totally meaningless and worth nothing even a few weeks from now to be very honest and candid. The bottom line is until we get close to the primaries, this is all just something to watch and learn from.”

Meaning we will have to play the waiting game a bit longer to see what happens.

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Eugene ross
Eugene ross
1 year ago

we need Trump in the worst way. Desantes needs to keep Florida running in the right direction. then in four years get elected President of the United States of America.