This Fox Host Says DeSantis Looks Like ‘A Future President’

Fox Business host of “Varney & Co.,” Stuart Varney discussed during his latest “My Take” segment how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “looks like a future president.” While many have speculated that DeSantis would run, and the Governor is a top prospect, there have yet to be any formal endorsements. Now, the Fox host is seemingly making a “bold move.” As he takes a step in the direction of an endorsement, as he mentioned he was cheering the Governor on.

According to Fox Business, Varney said the following in his segment.

STUART VARNEY: It’s another bold move, and I’m cheering it on…
Florida’s Governor DeSantis has launched the takeover, that is the “hostile” takeover, of a college known for its ultra-progressive policies.
He has appointed six new members to the board of the New College of Florida in Sarasota.
They are going to run the place and run it very differently. The six include Chris Rufo, a leader in the anti-C.R.T. movement.
Rufo tweeted this: “Governor DeSantis is going to lay siege to university “diversity, equity and inclusion programs.”
He and the five other new board members will turn the new college into something like Hillsdale, a conservative college in Michigan, which actually pays attention to the constitution, and free speech.
Now that’s a real takeover.
The response from New College current students borders on the hysterical.
The Daily Caller quotes a transgender student saying “our safety is at risk;” the student is concerned about “people who show up here to intimidate us and start violence.”
They want their safe space, protected from any point of view, other than their own.
When I first came to America, California was the future.
That was 50 years ago. The golden state is now a sad example of how the left can screw up an entire state.
Now, it’s Florida that looks like the future. And Ron DeSantis looks like a future president.

DeSantis has yet to formally announce whether or not he would be running in 2024, though it seems he is very much so already in the race – that is the race of public opinion. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the Florida Governor, and who else supports him.

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Doris Lauter
Doris Lauter
8 months ago

DeSantis is trying hard to be another Trump. Best to have the originall.