2024 Watch: Record-Breaking New Governor

Tuesday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders will make history as she is sworn into office as the first female governor of Arkansas – and the youngest. Sanders, who will take the governorship at age 40, easily defeated Democratic opponent Chris Jones in November. Last January, Sanders announced she would be running for Governor of Arkansas to succeed Asa Hutchinson, who was term-limited but gave her his endorsement.

Sanders will follow in her father Gov. Mike Huckabee’s footsteps, as he is a former Arkansas Governor who led the state from 1996 to 2007.

Previous to this new role, Sanders has been a political advisor and former White House Press Secretary in which she served under President Donald Trump from 2017 to 2019. Prior to her tenure as press secretary, Sanders served as a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, and prior to that, worked as a political consultant. She was also an assistant to the President.

Though now as she takes on the governorship in Arkansas, which she has said she did not envision herself doing, she says she ran because she felt with the position she could “actually implement change and do things to help the people of [the] state…at that more local level.”

Though many are speculating about the potential of her running for President in 2024. Especially with her tough criticism of the White House, and the Biden administration. She has years full of experience in Washington and was born into the business. So as we get closer to announcement season she could be one to watch.