Could A Mike Pompeo 2024 Bid Be Successful?

After telling “Fox News Sunday,” that he was thinking a 2024 Presidential bid over with his family and would potentially have an announcement in the spring of 2023, this man seems to be throwing his hat in the ring. That person is Mike Pompeo- the former Secretary of State, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and a current Fox News contributor. Mike Pompeo has a good list of pre-presidential accomplishments, but what good will those actually provide him if/when he announces a presidential campaign?

With his previous job titles, it would seem that he has some impressive experience to draw from for the 2024 campaign cycle. While he does have some pretty good resume builders the hard part many can’t see Pompeo getting over – at least enough to actually succeed in a 2024 bid – is the fact that, at least as of now, former President Trump is confirmed to be running. Which for Pompeo and a few others could be their downfall as they were part of his inner circle and a run against Trump could disrupt any chance they have at winning the GOP bid against Trump. After all, they would be attempting to steal Trump’s votes right out from under him in an election against him.

As of now, the Fox News Contributor, Pompeo, is still thinking about that run but many are already speculating may be short if it ends up happening at all.

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Eugene ross
Eugene ross
24 days ago


Don Benna
24 days ago

1. Mr. Pompeo has the same mindset regarding conservative principles, values AND the unrelenting courage to re-establish the course set by Mr. Trump whom we admire greatly. 2. Mr. P. is gifted with a patient, but resolute capacity to fulfill the duties of the presidency with a diplomatic flair of compassion that will attract a broader base than Mr. Trump. NO offense to Mr. T. because he fought the swamp with his (correct) sense that the battle against evil must be engaged with unyielding strength. 3. Mr. P. is faithfully driven by His faith in God to be the Ultimate Force who gains victory in the battle against evil, like the swamp presents. And his faith gives him added confidence in the engagement. 4. It is evident to me that a very large degree of Mr. Trump’s presidential success hinged on Mr. P’s. uncanny, God given, gift to negotiate, without compromise, evil forces all over the globe. 5. The age factor should carry some weight. 6. It would be super helpful if Mr. Trump would be given a heart change to see that his endorsement would be icing on the cake for Mr. P and a conservative GOP to win in 2024.

22 days ago

Pompeo should wait til the end of Trump’s next term to run! I would support him without question at that time!

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