Christmas Blizzard Could Halt Holiday Travel Plans

A Christmas blizzard is ramping up this week to ultimately become a bomb cyclone. Potentially creating conditions that would make it hard for holiday travelers. According to Fox Weather, the blizzard is set to move across the Midwest and the Great Lakes region this week before becoming a bomb cyclone. As the storm moved to the East Coast, it is expected to usher in cold temperatures and freeze heavy rainfall.

Meteorologists have begun to refer to the term bombogenesis, to describe the situation. As the term is a combination of the words bomb and cyclogenesis. Bomb refers to explosive development while cyclogenesis refers to cyclones, which all storms are considered, and genesis, being the beginning. The situation is referring to the rapidly intensifying areas of low pressure as the central pressure of this storm system must drop 24 millibars in 24 hours to qualify as a bombogenesis.

While the bombogenesis coining is still up in the air for this storm, the freezing temperatures are not. Freezing temperatures are expected across the U.S. even into Florida, which could see its coldest temperatures in 30 years. Snow is also expected to be a heavy factor across the U.S. as a blizzard warning has already been put in place for portions of Southwestern Minnesota with the potential of expansion Wednesday or Thursday. Winter weather advisories, winter storm watches, and winter storm warnings have also all been issued from Denver, Colorado to Buffalo, New York.

The storm is expected to grow on Thursday with snow and rain changing to heavy snow and high winds. Black ice is also expected for many areas’ roads. With the worse portion of this storm coming Thursday and into Friday.