House Committee Verdict On Trump Is In – What Will This Mean

Democrat-led House Ways and Means Committee voted Tuesday to publicly release six years of former President Trump’s tax returns. These returns will give new details on the President’s personal and business finances from the last six years, such as some of his tax payments, financial obligations, and donations to charity. How quickly the House committee will release the returns is still unclear. Though this decision comes after a yearlong battle between Democrat lawmakers and Trump over the tax returns.

Last month the battle reached a high point when the issues between the two parties went to the Supreme Court. The Court however ruled against Trump’s emergency application which cleared the way for the House committee to gain access to the tax returns.

The committee has tried for years to gain access to tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service, as part of an investigation into the service’s presidential audit program. Picking Trump as a worthy candidate to fight with to gain such access.

After the committee voted, the panel published a separate report saying that the IRS failed to properly audit Trump during his presidency Tuesday night. They also published another report with the Joint Committee on Taxation summarizing a review of the tax returns, from 2015-2020, from Trump and his business entities which will be released once the proper redactions are finished.

Democrats have reacted to the news, with many sharing sentiments on the fact that the American people should have this access and that Congress is constitutionally allowed this type of executive oversight. While Republicans have commented on the fact other top political figures, such as Nancy Pelosi, should have their tax returns made public.

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11 months ago

So, when do the American people get to see all the taxes form the demos in congress? I think we should since they seem to think it’s okay to show the president’s.