Ontario Students Threatened With Suspension Over Controversial Teacher In Bizarre Situation

Ontario Canada school teacher Kayla Lemieux has made waves after transitioning from male to female and undergoing a procedure to get size Z prosthetic breasts. Lemieux first started transitioning back in 2021 when he began going by the name Kayla and wearing women’s clothing over men’s. However, it wasn’t until this fall that he got the prosthetics and began coming to school with them. Now even more controversy was spiked by a skydiving trip Lemieux took with a porn star in which he became injured and then had to hobble around schools on crutches.

Halton School District in Ontario has threatened students with the potential of suspension if they take photos or videos of the shop teacher, as it goes against the student policy. Though now parents are speaking up over their comfort for the teacher being a part of the district faculty as he is currently substituting in multiple schools after having to take a break from shop class, over injuries from skydiving.

The district is saying that they cannot comment on the teacher’s personal life, as it is out of their control. While it seems they want to stick to protocol and treat this teacher just as they would another, the situation here is growing more and more uncomfortable for parents and even students who are uncomfortable with this teacher in their classrooms.

Lemieux has also had to start traveling with personal escorts and protection, after receiving a series of bomb threats. So at what end will this school district do something to make the kids feel safe and parents’ worries feel heard?

Read more at The Daily Mail.

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11 months ago

I may not agree with harm to this ‘teacher’ (I use the term lightly since teachers used to be examples to the kids-good examples) but I certainly think parents should have a say about who teaches their children