America LAST: Biden Sends $8 Billion Of U.S. Taxpayer Money To Africa

President Joe Biden spoke to African leaders at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, where he announced yesterday that the United States will be sending $8 billion to South Africa in an attempt to close its coal power plants. If that wasn’t enough, the United States also plans to commit $55 billion to Africa over the next three years.

During his speech yesterday, President Biden said:

“I’m announcing a new initiative, the Digital Transformation with Africa, […] to invest $350B […] in financing to make sure people across Africa can participate in a digital economy. […] That means programs to train African entrepreneurs with a focus on women…”

It should be noted that the U.S. has sent $68 billion to Ukraine so far just this year alone, and the Biden Administration has requested Congress for an additional $37.7 billion.

At a time when the United States is facing multiple issues such as high crime rates; over 7% inflation; record level highs of illegal immigrants; and the U.S.’s post-COVID-19 pandemic response which shows that our children are now at a disadvantage in education. These a problems that the United States, and especially the President of the United States should be pouring billions into fixing.

President Biden is the president of the United States, not a general in Ukraine, nor is he a philanthropist in Africa’s coal plants. The United States taxpayer’s money should go towards fixing our issues at home, not using U.S. taxpayer’s money for a charity that none of us had a vote on.

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Gerald Ladd
1 year ago

He’ll bankrupt the country if he not removed from office. Along with his slut VP.