Congress-Elect Maxwell Frost Denied From D.C Apartment

Congressman-elect Maxwell Frost, the first member of Generation Z since he was born in 1997, was rejected from an apartment in Washington D.C.’s navy yard area. After spending all his money on campaigning for the last year and a half, and knowing he had bad credit he believed he would get the place. When he went into the apartment complex earlier this week, he spent an hour filling out an application and providing a $50 application fee only to be assured he would get the place from which he was later denied.

Later Frost told NPR that he posted the above tweet in frustration, as he learned the hard lesson on the housing situation in D.C. Casey Bugat, the legislative affairs program director at George Washington University, mentioned that the lack of affordability in D.C. has a trickle-down effect, as “it makes Congress exactly what it’s been for so long: A disproportionately wealthy, disproportionately white institution…this is a main contributor for why people can’t afford to run for office. It’s not seen as a viable path. And though we’re getting a little bit better at our diversity, we still have a long way to go and the cost of it is not getting cheaper.”

Frost highlighted the issues that many of his age-range peers face when trying to get into the area and get started with credit issues or even a lack of credit. Both of which are issues many 20-somethings have when coming into a larger city and looking for housing that can meet their budgets.

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9 months ago

Fifty bucks is not even one third of what my granddaughter had to pay for application fee and that fee was not refundable. They also have to pay first and last plus security fee which amounts to well over $2500 just to move in and be ready to pay utilities. We were glad to help but if she had been daca or even illegal, bet it would have been easier to get it done.

9 months ago

So just to be clear you believe that it’s the white congress keeping you from renting an apt when the reality is that you don’t pay your bills and have terrible credit. Yep, just more racism… and now you are mad that because you got elected you think no rules apply to you?