Warnock’s Win Puts Democrats In Control – What That Might Mean

Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock beat Republican Herschel Walker last night in the state’s senate runoff election. This victory gave the Democrats a 51st Senate seat which is one up from this congress’s 50 Democrat seats and 50 Republican seats which means two things. Kamala Harris will no longer have to break ties between the two parties and Democrats will pretty much have near-unilateral power in the Senate. This is concerning for Republicans as this means more of President Biden’s judicial nominees can be confirmed and Dems can issue subpoenas without Republican buy-in.

The runoff last night remained close but was ultimately called in favor of Warnock 51% to 49% by the AP at 10:26 pm EST. Making this year’s election cycle the first midterm election since 1934, 88 years ago, in which a party defended and kept every incumbent seat. Though for Georgia this could be an early predictor of how the 2024 presidential elections may look, as state Democrats were able to keep the seat blue, though with a good fight from Republicans. Unlucky for the Democrats that senate seat was the only thing they won in the state everything else from the Governor’s position to the state insurance commissioner went to the republicans. So while there seems to be a blue movement amongst the state, the traditionally red state could hold tight. It is still hard to take in that the Democrats now have the outright majority in Senate and will use it to control their narrative.

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