Time’s Person of the Year Is…

After much speculation on who might be the next Time Person of the Year, the answer is finally here, as Time releases the shortlist with one name on top. While some are shocked that this person was named Person of the Year, others applaud Time for finally picking this candidate. As many have mentioned, Time typically picks someone for the title who is controversial to have a drawn-out story. On the shortlist was Congresswoman Liz Cheney, Elon Musk who was the person of the year last year, and even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, which with this line up the theory of creating controversy or at least a nice meaty story might not be far off base.

The Time 2022 Person of the Year has been announced to be the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Zelenskyy is a leader who has stepped up, rallied, and fought alongside his people amid a war with Russia. Inspiring not only Ukrainians but many across the world. A former sitcom star turned president, fighting Putin into what has become Europe’s biggest land war since World War II. According to Fox News, Zelenskyy was the obvious choice for this title, just not the most controversial. Though through all of his efforts in and for his country many are glad he was given the title. Fox reported that Zelenskyy is a person “hailed by parliaments around the world, who have granted endless interviews despite the risks, [while being a person] who has successfully pressured the Biden administration and other western governments into providing tens of billions of dollars in aid and badly needed weapons.”

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David Meller
David Meller
9 months ago

Zelinskyy as “Person” of the year? Somebody must be KIDDING! That joker who destroyed whatever was left of constitutional government in Ukraine, allowed practicing NAZIs a free hand in his army and government, pursued a hopeless and horrible destruction of HIS OWN country by ignoring and denying the Minsk peace accords, and provoking a slaughter (I’m NOT dignifying his senseless conflict with Russia as a “war”) of countless Ukrainian conscripts, and RISKING GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR in the process.
If I continued, I would find myself using language I do not like to see in print!