New Study Shows Bad News for Conservatism in California

A new study from the Center for Legislative Accountability (CLA) is giving increasingly bad news to conservatives in California. The analysis, which is a project of the American Conservative Union, shows California lawmakers are growing even more left-wing, dropping the state from its previous #44 spot down to #47. That means only Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Massachusetts are more liberal than California.

Fox News reports:

CLA’s studied all 7,400 state lawmakers across America by voting record and gave the California legislature a conservative rating of 24%. Only Rhode Island, at 20%, Hawaii, at 19%, and Massachusetts, at 15%, are more liberal than California.

Lawmakers’ “conservative rating” were calculated by their voting record across 186 policy areas that ranged from cultural and life issues, to tax, fiscal, and other regulations, CPAC says.

CLA tallied more than 320,000 votes each to generate the scores and 50 state rankings. Only 17 California Republican lawmakers earned awards from CPAC for holding a conservative rating of 80% or more.

In California, Democratic state senators outnumber Republicans 29 to 9. Democratic assembly members outnumber Republicans 58 to 17.

After the lackluster 2022 midterm elections, the GOP is projected in the study to suffer even worse blows to conservatism as Democrats won many state assemblies and legislative seats held by Republicans.