Pelosi Now Faces Uncertain Future

As Republicans are on the cusp of flipping the U.S. House of Representatives and weeks after a reported altercation with her husband, Paul, leaving him with severe injuries, Nancy Pelosi’s future is uncertain. She is expected to retire if the GOP takes back control, which is a big defeat for the longtime Democrat politician. The House speaker talked to reporters about her thought process. She gave vague information about what could be in her future.

Newsmax reports:

“I have to say my decision will be affected about what happened,” Pelosi said on CNN.

The response became something of a Rorschach test on Capitol Hill: Some believe Pelosi will retire to spend time with her family — she and her husband are both 82. Others sensed her driven determination to stay on the job.

A cohort of younger Democratic lawmakers, some who have spent years in Congress, are waiting for Pelosi and other top House leaders to pass the baton. She had once said this would be her last term in leadership, but that was four years ago, and she no longer mentions it.

“That’s a conversation for another day,” Pelosi said on election night on the PBS “NewsHour.”

Nancy Pelosi leaves behind a chequered past of legislative accomplishments, including two impeachments of President Donald J. Trump and passing Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which was picked apart by the courts and now exists only in fragments.