Will This Biden Campaign Stop Even Help His Party?

One week before the midterm elections, the Democrats are finally letting Biden “campaign.” President Biden is headed to Florida to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and Senate candidate Val Demings. During his trip, he is planning to discuss the differences between Democratic and Republican agendas, prescription drug price caps, and Social Security and Medicare. He will also hold a fundraiser for Demings. While Biden has only been on a few campaign stops this midterm cycle, many are wondering if the party is letting him head to Florida because Republicans are in a significant lead in both races.

While there are many tight races the President could go support, such as the race in Ohio or Georgia where the candidates are only a point or so apart in polls it seems odd they would send him to Florida only a week out from midterms. It does leave you questioning if they are doing so on purpose. While Biden has recently been in Pennsylvania, another state with a somewhat close senate race, it has seemed as though Biden has been kept in the shadows of many high-stakes campaigns this season. Many headlines even reading candidates wanted anyone but him at their campaign stops.

He is set to be in Florida, followed by New Mexico, California, and Pennsylvania all leading up to Election Day.

Read more on Associated Press.

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Eugene ross
Eugene ross
10 months ago

the state should not let him in all he brings is trash and poison along with communisms