Dem Governor’s Closing Message Will Shock You

Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s closing campaign message could shock you. She is calling for New Yorkers to remask their toddlers, claiming it will protect them from the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). The move comes days before the November 8 election, where she is in a four-point dead heat with her Republican opponent, Congressman Lee Zeldin. She had a rough performance at a recent gubernatorial debate where she claimed she would lockdown the state again in retrospect.

Breitbart reports:

“Let’s talk about exactly what RSV is. These are the symptoms. I want parents be aware of that, usually fall and winter. It’s like a common cold, but it does hit younger children and it’s really frightening,” Hochul stated. “It’s not new at all. Something we’ve seen before.”

“Infants as young as six months old have been known to contract this. It’s hard to keep kids safe. Think about the fact that a year ago, before a year ago, a lot of kids were wearing masks in a daycare center or in schools and that did give them some level of protection,” Hochul said, failing to mention the studies showing that cloth and surgical masks were not effective at blocking exhaled aerosols. She also did not mention the fact that Dr. Anthony Fauci himself admitted in February 2020 that “the typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.”

“We’re not mandating this,” she said, but she made it clear that she is strongly recommending parents remask their toddlers.

“What we’re saying, parents, you know, other kids, you got kids in school, preschool and got a baby at home, you really might just want to take these extra precautions,” she said, contending that children are already used to wearing masks due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Hochul added, “And by now kids are more socialized to the idea of wearing a mask. It’s not as strange to them, it not as if, ‘What is this all about?’ There’s a lot of cute masks out there, I’ve seen a lot of them. So that’s something I’m encouraging all parents to consider for their children right now.”

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1 year ago

Voters take heed. She refuses to give up her power trip in the name of “science”. She got a taste of what that control tastes like and she’s now addicted.

1 year ago

Obviously, this moron Hochul knows nothing about viruses. Viruses average 500 microns in size. The smallest opening in “surgical masks” is 1000 microns. So, they are completely useless in stopping a virus. It’s all about power and control.