Nuclear Annihilation Threat Highest Since the Cold War Says Joe Biden

Last night, US President Joe Biden delivered a terrifying warning to the country and the world. He said that the threat of nuclear armageddon is the highest it’s been since the cold war. Joe Biden himself acted as the cause of this precarious situation.

Biden said that Vladimir Putin’s nuclear posturing has not changed since the start of the war. The President said that for the “first time since the Cuban missile crisis, we have the threat of a nuclear weapon if, in fact, things continue down the path they are going.” He stated that the possibility of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons during this conflict is nonzero.

Why This Is Happening

A panel on CNN commented that Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin does not have an “off-ramp.” This means that in the Ukrainian conflict, he is losing, and he has very few options to safe face. Russia has been a nuclear power for almost 70 years and has never used a nuclear weapon aside from in weapons tests. As a result, Biden’s administration have kept the possibility of nuclear conflict “in the back of their minds” throughout this war.

Russia has suffered significant setbacks in their invasion of Ukraine. Their technology is dated, their troops are disorganized, and western powers have been pouring resources into Ukraine’s defense. A successful conquest is unlikely, which leaves Putin with few options.

How Joe Biden Opened The Door To This Conflict

Ultimately, Joe Biden’s actions are directly responsible for the war in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has had imperialist ambitions to conquer Ukraine for decades. In May of 2021, Joe Biden waved sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II Pipeline (even though he shut down our own.) This meant that Russia could obtain its oil without playing nice with Ukraine. Then, at a press conference on January 19th, 2022, Joe Biden implied that if Russia only led a “minor incursion” his response would be minimal. Combine this with his complete disregard as the Taliban took over Afghanistan and made off with over $7,000,000,000 ($7 billion) of US assets. He welcomed Russia to invade Ukraine. Both the invasion and the boycotts that followed rest squarely on Joseph Biden’s shoulders.

The CNN panel concluded that we are in “uncharted territory,” and that no one has the “right playbook” to handle the situation.



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1 year ago

ALL courtesy of the present administration and his party + rinos. Take back the USA.