Democrats Are In Trouble, Says Data Analyst on CNN

CNN of all places brings us some of the biggest reasons republicans might win big this November. The primary issues motivating voters this cycle may just bode very well in our favor this time around.

What Do People Really Care About

One strong indication was the frequency of Google searches. On CNN, statistician Harry Eaten explained how abortion searches compared to crime searches. Between the two, 74% of people searched for issues on crime while only 26% searched for issues relating to abortion in April. This was before the Supreme Court released its decision on the Dobbs v Jackson case. These numbers flipped, but only for a short time.
In June, 70% of searches were looking for abortion and only 30% for crime. By July, it was close to 50/50 at 49% for crime and 51% for abortion. Finally, in August the numbers moved to 61% for crime and 39% abortion. In September, they were 71% for crime and 29% for abortion.

Crime and Guns

This is a strong indication that Americans are not nearly as concerned about abortion legislation as they are about crime. American streets are not nearly as safe as they used to be. 12 major cities set all-time crime records just last year. Americans are buying guns in droves as a result. Moreover, 90% of new gun owners from last year were minorities and women. That’s the biggest voting block for democrats and what are they concerned about? Crime.
A recent Monmouth University poll showed 82% of respondents felt inflation was the most important issue for government to address. Crime came in a close second at 72%. Elections and voting followed at 70%, then jobs and unemployment at 68%, immigration 57%, infrastructure 57%, and abortion, at 56%.

Who do You Trust?

Using Fox News and NBC News as sources, Enten showed that voters favor the GOP by 23 points on handling crime, 19 points on the economy, and immigration by 17 points. Democrats lead on abortion by 17 points, which Americans seem to care about least.
As if we needed more, the latest Gallup data showed that Americans trust republicans more with the economy. On the issue of prosperity, republicans also hold a strong lead. 51% of respondents said they trust republicans more to enact policies that would make for a prosperous nation. 41% said they trust democrats more. That’s a 10 point lead.


Americans care about what affects their lives. In the most liberal states, Dobbs v Jackson won’t even affect them. The issues that actually motivate Americans to go out and vote significantly favor republicans. Each day seems to produce more reason to be confident going to the ballot box this November the 8th.
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Tony Manuel Flores
Tony Manuel Flores
1 year ago

The Democratic Party Have No Chance Of Winning The November Midterms
Because They Won’t Change There Woke Socialist Leftist Democratic Policy’s To Put There Concerns On United States Of American People.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Hooray awesome about time

Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
1 year ago

One additional side issue. It’s an accepted fact that our open border is the primary source of the colossal spike in crime. And most of it occurs in the big cities where bosses welcome illegal aliens and tolerate the crime.