New Polls Spell Bad News For Democrats

Gallup data, which normally skews toward democrats, shows that the nation currently views the Republican Party more favorably than the Democrat Party.

By the Numbers

The latest Gallup poll shows that 44% of the American people view the Republican Party favorably. Only 39% of respondents said that had a favorable view of the Democrat Party. This trend continues when respondents answer questions about several different topics.

Where terrorism is concerned, republicans hold a strong lead. Respondents said that they trusted republicans to protect the country from international threats 57% of the time. 37% said they trusted democrats more.

On the issue of prosperity, republicans also hold a strong lead. 51% of respondents said they trust republicans more to enact policies that would make for a prosperous nation. 41% said they trust democrats more.

Why it Matters

Voting isn’t overly complicated, but it does take some effort. In order to vote, people need to lookup their local voting locations, they need to find a time to go in, and they need to wait in line for several hours in some cases. Individuals need a somewhat significant motivation to get out and vote. How’s high gas prices? What about growing grocery bills? While midterm polls haven’t looked as promising as many republicans had hoped, these factors are greatly on our side.

Not everyone votes.

The most motivating factors are the political issues that affect everyday life. It’s vital that republicans capitalize on these now. We need to remind everyday Americans the mess democrats have made of education, the economy, immigration, and so much more.

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1 year ago

We need yard signs to place in front of those of Democrat candidates simply saying ” a vote for him is a vote for Biden”.

Junior Truth
Junior Truth
1 year ago
Reply to  Trebor

A Vote for a Democrat is a vote for Satan.