Joy Reid Assumes All Looters in FL are Racial Minorities — Racist?

MSNBC’s far-left host Joy Reid claimed in an unhinged segment about Gov. DeSantis (R-FL) that statements about Florida being a “Second Amendment state” were targeting people of color. She claimed regarding the statements that they signified “segregationist” talk, apparently claiming all looters were racial minorities.

Mediaite reports:

“Don’t even think about looting. Don’t even think about taking advantage of people in this vulnerable situation,” DeSantis said. “You can have people bringing boats into some of these islands and trying to ransack people’s homes. I can tell you, in the state of Florida, you never know what may be lurking behind somebody’s home. And I would not want to chance that if I were you, given that we’re a Second Amendment state.”

Reid noticed DeSantis’ remarks in a video CBS posted to Twitter, and the ReidOut host decided to compare that warning of gun-toting Floridians to the words of infamous segregationist Walter E. Headley.

“‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts,’” Reid said as she quoted Headley. “Didn’t take DeSantis long to return to form.”

“When the looting starts, the shooting start,” is a quote frequently attributed to Headley, the Miami police chief historically known for encouraging officers to use force to crack down on civil rights protests. Reid’s tweet included a link to an NPR article that delves into the history of the phrase, and the possibility that Headley lifted it from Eugene “Bull” Connor, another notorious segregationist.