Colossal Oil Leaks From Striking International Sabotage

75 yards below the surface of the Baltic Sea, multiple blasts burst open the Nord Stream pipelines.

What Happened?

Sweden’s national seismic network detected 2 blasts on Monday, September 26th. The first was a 2:05 am and the second, much larger, at 7:04 pm. Denmark and Sweden secured the area and shut down all traffic within 5 nautical miles.

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen expectes foul play. “These are deliberate actions, this is not an accident.” The Prime Minister made it clear that they are taking the issue very seriously, but that they have no clear suspects. “There is no information yet to indicate who may be behind this action.”

Politico interviewed a Warsaw based energy analyst, Mateusz Kubiak, who said “It seems extremely improbable that the leaks on two different pipelines happen at the same time. Therefore I think we should assume that it was intentional to create these leaks.”

The Impact

This attack was very ambitious and carefully targeted. One of these blasts had power equivalent to 100 tons of TNT. Satellite imaging that the Washington Post reviewed on Monday showed a 13-mile diameter spread. Chemicals bubble to the surface disturbing the Baltic Sea and will leave a lasting impact.

This event left a cataclysmic environmental stain. The spill is decimating marine life in the area but it gets even worse. While the ocean can absorb some of the methane, it is still 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Once it reaches the atmosphere, it will have that 80-fold impact for 20 years. For those concerned about the modern science of climate change, this is near apocalyptic.

Here is some footage of the disturbance:

As a direct result, gas prices in Europe immediately spiked by around 12% on Tuesday the 27th. Before the war in Ukraine, Russia’s neighbors sourced about 40% of their gas from Russia which dropped to 9% at the start of the war. Both Nord Stream 1 and 2, however, were not currently in use at the time of the attack.

Who is Responsible?

So who could have done this? Who would have benefitted?

As of today, the culprit remains a mystery. Danish and German leadership suspect deliberate sabotage but have no suspects to point a finger at. One country did admit intent for an attack like this, however: the United States. Before the war in Ukraine, Joe Biden’s administration made some very ominous threats. They claimed that Nord Stream II would meet its doom should Putin invade Ukraine. Joe Biden himself refused to specify how even when directly asked:

“We will bring an end to it,” says Joe Biden about the Nord Stream II Pipeline. He deliberately failed to specify how he would do so. When the reporter asked him how, he said, “I promise you we’ll be able to do it.”

Russia did invade Ukraine with “tanks and troops crossing the border.” The Nord Stream II pipeline did meet its end, at least for now. That’s all we can say with certainty. Joe Biden wasn’t the only one, however.

“One way or another,” said the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland. This means that both Biden and Nuland indicated a desire and a willingness to lead an attack precisely like this one. No country, group, or organization has currently claimed responsibility.

Caveat: There is currently no conclusive evidence that the Biden Administration is behind this attack.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think the Biden Administration was essentially admitted guilt in January of this year?

Stay tuned for more updates. We will be following this story as it develops.