NY Senator Fights For Unlicensed, Unprofessional, Dangerous Abortions

New York is one of the most pro-abortion states in the country. Still, some New York senators have decided that the few minor restrictions that exist are “draconian” and must be destroyed.

New York, home to the Abortion Access Fund, is frighteningly supporting of baby murder. The fund makes it easy for low-income communities to kill their children and cut their line short. It’s fitting how similar in spirit this fund is to Margaret Sanger’s eugenics vision of Planned Parenthood.

New York Senator Anna Kaplan said this in a press release.

“If we’ve learned anything from the extremist Supreme Court’s reckless decision to steal our Constitutional right to choose, it’s that we can’t take anything for granted, and we’ve got to fight for our rights at every level of government, because clearly there are people who will stop at nothing to assert their control over women, and they’ll use every trick in the book to do it. It’s shocking that over a million people on Long Island currently live in a community where there are still abortion restrictions on the books, and we know that these laws were enacted with the sole purpose of getting between women and their right to choose.”

After hearing this, you would assume that women on Long Island wouldn’t be able to get abortions unless it would save their lives. This is far from the truth. These laws simply require that only hospitals perform abortions. Don’t believe me? Here’s the comprehensive list of the laws in question. That is the document Kaplan shared in her press release. So much for “draconian restrictions.”

So Kaplan is on the war path to end these “horrible restrictions” of requiring baby murderers to be licensed professionals.

“[M]ake no mistake about it, administrations could change. Elected officials could change,” Kaplan said, “There are those running for office right now trying to repeal these efforts, and as a proud pro-choice elected official, we have to make sure every loophole is closed; and closed tight.”

“Nobody should be putting up barriers on a woman’s right to choose. At the Town of North Hempstead, we repealed an antiquated and misguided restriction that placed an undue burden on individuals and medical professionals. I am proud to join Senator Kaplan and Assemblywoman Sillitti in calling all Long Island municipalities to follow the example set by the Town of North Hempstead and examine their codes for these types of trigger laws and get them off the books.”

This is not just some random absurd liberal policy we’re discussing here. We are discussing the murder of innocent children in the womb. The most vulnerable human beings in civilization are the victims of this horrible scheme. Kaplan’s efforts are undeniably evil and it’s shocking that she would try and claim a moral high ground as she streamlines the procedural slaughter of the most innocent class of human society. We must do everything in our power to stop these monsters.