Polls Spell Bad News for Joe Biden’s Speech

Last week, Joe Biden delivered a foreboding speech in front of a demonic red background. He labeled his political opponents who overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, as the most violent and dangerous political movement in American history. So how did America respond to these scathing remarks?

According to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group, Joe Biden’s speech demonizing pro-Trump Americans as a “threat” to “democracy” didn’t bode well for the 79-year-old politician.

The Daily Caller reports:

Over half of Americans, 56.8%, said the speech is dangerous rhetoric and is “designed to incite conflict amongst Americans,” the Trafalgar Group poll found. Approximately one-third of those surveyed, 35.5%, thought it was “acceptable campaign messaging” for the upcoming midterm elections.

The majority of Democrats, 70.8%, said it is acceptable for the president to say “MAGA Republicans” represent “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” Eighteen-point-seven percent of Democrats said the messaging is divisive. Nearly all Republicans, 89.1%, believed the speech to be a “dangerous escalation,” while 4.7% found it to be appropriate.

Among Independents, 62.4% found the speech to be dangerous rhetoric and 31.2% found it to be acceptable, the poll found.

The poll surveyed 1,084 people between Sept. 2-5 with a 2.9% margin of error.

During the speech, Biden claimed “MAGA Republicans” have no respect for the rule of law and accused them of  “fan[ning] the flames of political violence.” Naturally, Biden’s press secretaries and those in his administration defended him for the vitriolic speech.

Will this help the republicans moving into the midterms? Time will tell.