MSNBC op-ed Bends Over Backwards to Defend Hillary’s Server

Via TTN:

In a recent MSNCB op-ed by Rachel Maddow’s producer, Steve Benen, he claims Hillary Clinton’s private server where she kept classified government documents and secrets.

Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III said at the time that it found information on Clinton’s private server going beyond the “top secret” level.

The op-ed claims that because Clinton was not indicted and President Donald Trump was, there is “little resemblance” to the mishandling of classified documents by the former Secretary of State and failed two-time presidential candidate.

“Trump’s scandal bears little resemblance to his former rival’s. Clinton didn’t take physical documents. She didn’t ignore pleas for cooperation. She didn’t store highly sensitive secrets at a private club that had an unfortunate habit of letting foreign spies walk around,” claimed the op-ed.

However, Trump did let federal officials search his Mar-a-Lago home upon his own reconnaissance and even took the FBI’s advice to add security to a storage area where documents were kept. Regardless, the FBI raided his estate this month despite cooperation with the DOJ requests.

The MSNBC op-ed does, however, concede that Trump will likely be found not guilty, but in the chance that he is found guilty, Benen says, “[i]t will be because the evidence proved that he broke the law.”

Many Republicans and even Democrats are starting to see the targeted raid on the 45th President as a political weaponization of the DOJ and the FBI to stop Trump from making another bid for the White House in 2024. Only time will tell what conclusions Joe Biden’s Justice Department come to in the probe of his political enemy.