Far-Left Rep. Makes Most Insane Inflation Comment Yet

Democratic Washington state Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal dismissed inflation as a “theoretical word” ahead of House Democrats’ final push to pass tax and climate spending legislation.

Speaking to reporters outside Capitol Hill Friday, Jayapal, who chairs the House Progressive Caucus, said that inflation was “a theoretical word that economists use” to describe everyday price increases that families experience. At the same time, Jayapal explained that the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” would lower everyday costs for Americans.

A clip of Jayapal speaking to Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn was shared by The Post Millennial. “It is ultimately going to lead to a reduction in overall inflation, but most importantly, to the budget that people have every single day,” Jayapal said. “Inflation is, like, a theoretical word that economists use, but what families feel every day is the up or down of costs.”

“My congresswoman, Seattle Progressive Pramila Jayapal, thinks ‘inflation is like a theoretical word that economists use,’” Seattle radio talk show host Jason Rantz tweeted in response to Jayapal’s comments. “Send help.”

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