Joe Biden Makes History Again

Via TTN:

According to Joe Biden’s approval polls within the first six quarters of his tenure, he has achieved the lowest of any president ever recorded on record, a top pollster says.

The Daily Wire reports:

Biden’s approval rating sunk to just 38% in a new Gallup survey of more than 1,000 adults, conducted between July 5-26. That number is the lowest approval of his presidency so far in Gallup’s polling. The firm also reported that Biden’s average approval rating over the first year and a half of his presidency is the lowest of any president in the poll’s 74-year history.

According to Gallup, Biden’s approval currently sits at 38%, with 59% disapproval, a record high disapproval. Furthermore, respondents had much stronger negative feelings than positive: 45% of respondents said they strongly disapproved of Biden’s presidency, compared to just 14% who moderately disapproved. Meanwhile, just 13% of respondents strongly approved of Biden, while 25% approved only moderately.

Biden also earned the lowest approval ratings of his presidency among independents, and even among his own party. Just 31% of independents approved of Biden’s presidency — a new low — while 63% disapproved. Among Democrats, Biden maintained a 78% approval rating, while 19% disapproved of him; however, that number tied the previous record-low among Democrats, a record he set in December. Just 5% of Republicans approved of Biden, while fully 95% disapproved.

“No president elected to his first term has had a lower sixth-quarter average than Biden,” Gallup noted, “although Jimmy Carter’s and Donald Trump’s ratings were only slightly better, at 42%. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan also averaged below majority approval.”