Even Late Nigh Hack Colbert Rips CNN, MSNBC for Redefining ‘Recession’

Via TTN:

In a surprise move, the far-left “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” host ripped mainstream cable news channels for redefining “recession.”

Fox News reports:

Colbert lampooned both CNN and MSNBC for helping the White House muddy the waters on what traditionally constitutes a recession or not. At the end of the segment, Colbert also made sure to skewer how unqualified each channel’s economic experts seemed on the topic.

The host’s Thursday night humor spoke to the confusion over the White House and its media allies redefining what typically indicates a recession.

Historically, two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth constitute the biggest tell of a nation in recession. On Thursday, the U.S. hit this marker, yet the Biden White House insisted the country had not entered a recession as they claimed other aspects of the economy are doing well.

Colbert opened his recession segment with the big question: “So we’re in a recession … or are we?” To find his answer he began by reading a White House statement cited in a CNN Business article. “According to the White House, ‘two consecutive quarters of economic contraction does not, in and of itself, constitute a recession.’” Sarcastically, he pivoted to the news. “Thankfully, we have cable news to cut through all the spin and give us some straight answers,” he said, as the audience laughed.