North Korea Threatens to Nuke the U.S.

Kim Jong-un has warned that North Korea is ready to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. in a potential conflict, claiming the U.S. is “in pursuit of military confrontation,” state media reported Thursday.

“Our armed forces are now fully prepared to cope with any sort of crisis, and our state’s nuclear war deterrent is also fully ready to demonstrate its absolute power accurately and promptly true to its mission,” Kim said in a Wednesday speech to war veterans celebrating the 69th anniversary of the end of the Korean War, according to the Korean Central News Agency.

Kim claimed the U.S. is spreading rumors about North Korean threats, calling such behavior “just that of a gangster.”

“The United States, while describing all the usual actions of our armed forces as ‘provocations’ and ‘threats,’ is openly waging large-scale joint war games, which gravely threaten the security of our state. Such a double-dealing behaviour is just that of a gangster, and this is driving the DPRK-US relations to a limiting point, a point of fierce collision, which cannot be reversed any further,” he said.

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