Pelosi Pins Blame on Putin for High Prices, Inflation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is still blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin and “corporate greed” for high food and gas prices in the U.S., as Americans continue to identify economic issues as the top concern heading into the midterm elections. “This week, generally, has been about affordability — affordability at the kitchen table” and gas pump, Pelosi said during Thursday’s weekly press conference, touting legislation that she claims would lower food and fuel costs.

“Do you believe that Russia is one of the big suppliers of fertilizer in the world?” she asked, touting the legislation, which they say would lower food costs by lowering fertilizer costs.

“Competition, competition, competition is so important in the meatpacking industry. And it just simply doesn’t exist, so that will also lower meat and poultry cost on the shelf and, therefore, at the kitchen table, and the lowering cost with cheaper, cleaner unleaded 88,” she continued before blaming Putin — not Democrats’ dismantling of energy independence — for rising costs:

“We want to break the grip of foreign supply on American kitchen tables, and that applies in fuel as well as fertilizer. And, again, many of these poultry meat packing companies are foreign-owned. When Putin invaded Ukraine, almost immediately, the cost of, at the price at the pump, went up about two dollars in — not immediate but near immediate range of his invasion.”

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