Massachusetts SCOTUS Reject GOP Push to Restrict Mail-in Voting

The Massachusetts Supreme Court has rejected an effort from state Republican lawmakers to restrict mail-in voting measures. The move effectively allows every voter to submit mail-in ballots in the September primary without requiring an excuse.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The court rejected the GOP lawmakers’ arguments, ruling that the party failed “to articulate a single plausible claim that anything in the VOTES Act poses a threat to secure voting” and that its efforts to restrict mail-in voting amounted to nothing more than “scaremongering,” according to the 87-page decision. Republicans had tried to overturn the VOTES Act, which made mail-in voting permanent in the state, arguing it made elections susceptible to fraud.

“Today’s decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court means that voters will be able to rely on the provisions of the VOTES Act in the upcoming elections. This is a big win for voting rights in Massachusetts,” Geoff Foster, executive director of Common Cause Massachusetts, said.

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