Trump’s ‘Secret’ Adviser Confirms 2024 Plans

Is Donald Trump running for president in 2024? Definitely!

Trump’s self-proclaimed “secret advisor” and veteran political consultant Dick Morris says Trump is absolutely going to launch this presidential campaign. Morris, who is about to release a new book, says not only is Trump definitely planning to run in 2024 but he is also going to win.

According to The New York Post:

“Will Trump Run? Will Trump Win? Yes and yes! I have spoken with the former president dozens of times since he left office, and our conversations were always either about how he was cheated in 2020, or how he would get back in in 2024,” Morris writes.

“He has never, for a moment, taken his eye off the ball — getting back in the White House! … But can he win? Not only can he win, he will win, and nobody else can. As surely as he was our 45th president, he will be our 47th as well!

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