Some Democrats Think Hillary Clinton is Their Best Bet for 2024

Several Democrats are asking Hillary Clinton to make a political comeback for 2024. Douglas E. Schoen recently wrote an article for The Hill explaining that Hillary Clinton has a good chance of making a major political comeback in 2024 and that she should take this opportunity.

President Joe Biden: Schoen referenced President Joe Biden’s plummeting approval rating and the general doubt around his ability to run again as one of the main reasons Hillary Clinton should return to political life.

Since August 2021, a majority of Americans have disapproved of Biden’s performance as President. As of July 2022, President Biden has an approval rating of 38.8%, and experts suggest that this number will continue to get lower as we approach the midterms.

Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll found that 71% of Americans do not want to see Biden run for President again. Party speculation on Biden’s viability as a candidate has also hit a fever pitch.

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